We were home. Just the three of us, without distractions, without obligations. Our old RV
taking us places — breathtaking, indescribable, almost unfathomable. Waking up to the soundsof nature, the morning sun warming our skin, the little hands searching for me. The crinkled sheets, the shadows of the dessert softly dancing on the curtains, falling asleep to the sound of coyotes howling at the moon. The calmth, the love, our ever lasting bond.

It was painfully beautiful. My heart aching as I looked at them, my husband, our son – the love for them, equal, but different. Overwhelming, invincible. My heart breaking in a thousand little pieces, perfectly aware that it would never be like this again. That it would all be gone, dissapear, as soon as we entered that plane. Despirately holding onto the feeling, the overwhelming happiness, the love and warmth rushing through my veins 24/7. Living in the moment, capturing it all – for it will all be a faded memory one day.

We were so happy. So ridicilously happy.

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