The growing body. The excitement. Noticing the old me fading away, the beginning of a new life. The fear of losing him again, the mental scars after the miscarriage. The first strong kicks, slowly regaining trust in my body. The growing love. The healing homebirth. Meeting the soul that had been with us already all those years, finally earthside. The double sword: fatigue, heartbreaking fears, overwhelming responsibilities alternated with a soft inner peace, overpowering happiness.

Getting to know the new version of me. My new life as a mother, a wife, their biggest love. Learning about my changed body, the new feelings in my heart. The Hashimoto diagnosis. Our breastfeeding journey, two bodies melting together again during those sweet, magical moments. The ups and the downs complementing each other, a beautiful dance of opposites. A whirlwind of love, chaos, changes, new adventures, fresh beginnings. Crazy, overwhelming, time slipping by. But there was always one constant, one calmness, an anchor of steadiness; the three of us, together. My love for them, their love for me – keeping each other safe.

This is a brief selection from the whole series, don’t hesitate to ask if you want to see more. Thank you Carolijn Braeken for translating my vibes into words.

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